The overarching purpose of our Repair Fairs is not to serve as a free repair shop.  Instead, we encourage our guests to participate in the troubleshooting and repair process themselves.  The hope is that eventually, folks will take home some of those diagnosis and repair skills; no longer needing the Philly Fixers Guild!  Here are some examples of problems we can try to fix:

  • Missing button on your coat
  • Broken or tangled jewelry
  • Vacuum cleaner that doesn’t turn on
  • Toaster that won’t toast
  • Broken handle on your favorite mug
  • Laptop that won’t start up
  • Dull kitchen knives
  • DVD stuck in a broken player
  • Stuffing coming out of a hole in your pillow
  • One key on your computer keyboard doesn’t work
  • Help needed to assemble your brand new Ikea chair

Our talented volunteer fixers love the challenge of repairing everyday things.  However, we do have to set some limits and guidelines so things can run a bit more smoothly:

  • Guests are generally expected to stay with their item; dropping an item off for us to work on defeats the purpose of the Repair Fair
  • We cannot work on weapons, vehicles or items that contain Hazardous Materials
  • If you already know your item needs a particular replacement part, order it early and bring it with you to the fair
  • As long as you can carry the item in, we will do our best to get it repaired

There will, of course, be some things that cannot be reasonably fixed or might need a part that must be ordered.  In these cases, a fixer will recommend the best course of action.  Usually, he or she will be able to supply you with info on part numbers and repair steps so you can complete the repair at home on your own!

We understand that not everyone can make it to our scheduled fairs.  We still don’t want you to miss out on getting your favorite items fixed!  For that reason, our “ASK A FIXER” form can be filled out with details of your broken item.  A Fixer can then offer you some advice and guidance on how to make the repairs on your own time.

Disclaimer:  The Philly Fixers Guild exists to help people repair their personal items and educate the community in general troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair.  The guild volunteers are not necessarily professionals or licensed in any way.  Any repair work undertaken at a fair is done as a “Good Samaritan” effort and is for educational purposes only.  No repair made at a Repair Fair carries any warranty, promise of reliability, or guarantee of safety.