Nearly 60 Broken Items Brought to November Repair Fair

This past Saturday, the Guild’s talented fixers had their hands full with a continuous stream of broken and damaged items.  Guests from as far away as Buck’s County brought everything from lawn mowers to dining room chairs.  Of the almost 60 items carried in for repair, 30 were brought back to life through cooperation between owner […]

exploded cantilever

You’ve Got to Break It Down to Fix it Up

We at the Guild love to fix stuff. Fixing things is fun, rewarding, and responsible. It saves the expense of replacing the item, keeps the broken item out of the landfill, and it feels great to solve the puzzle and keep that favorite piece of furniture or stereo working. That’s the purpose of today’s entry, […]

Repair Fair #2 – Philly Fixers Guild

Philly Fixers Guild is having its second Repair Fair! Find us on Saturday, November 22nd at Fishtown’s Shissler Rec Center, 1800 Blair St. Starts at Noon and goes until 4pm.

Our first Repair Fair – Busy and Fun!

This past Saturday, we held our first Philly Fixers Guild – Repair Fair at the Sculpture Gym in Fishtown/Kensington.  After all the planning and probably an inappropriate amount of hand-wringing, it all went down really well!  Our inaugural group of volunteer Fixers were absolutely amazing!   By the end, a total of 13 Fixers had made it to the […]

Fixer Files – How a used computer was made like new

This is the first in a regular series I hope to keep as active as possible.  The Fixer Files will showcase a random repair that was made from beginning to (hopefully) successful end.  My intention is that readers learn something about basic diagnosis and repair from someone else’s successes and failures. Today’s Fixer Files will focus […]

Everyone Needs a Basic Tool Kit

One of the Philly Fixers Guild’s goals is to enable a shift away from a disposable device culture and a move toward a “maintenance and repair” mindset. The first step in making this a reality is to build a simple-but-useful tool box you can call your own. With some basic repair tools and a bit of knowledge at your disposal, you’ll be less likely to think, “toss it and buy a new one” and more likely to attempt a repair.

Repair Fair #1 – Philly Fixers Guild

Announcing the Philly Fixers Guild’s very first Repair Fair! To be held at the Sculpture Gym in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood on Saturday, September 13th, 2014. Starts at Noon.

Welcome to Philly Fixers Guild!

As we build our website into a great resource of help and information for anyone interested in the Philly Fixers Guild, please use the “Contact” page and send us your questions and comments! R/ Ben