There are a number of outstanding resources both online and in the Philadelphia area to help you get things fixed.  Below is a list of some great organizations we have found helpful.  It’s a small list now, but will grow over time!

West Philly Tool Library:

An outstanding local source of tools that you might need to fix stuff.  They are committed to their neighborhood and really make a difference for Philadelphia!


NextFab is an amazing resource in our neighborhood and city.  Besides providing facilities for our monthly Mini Repair Fairs, this DIYer’s dream space and entrepreneur incubator offers tools and guidance of all sorts for any project. Classes are available to both members and non-members. Check their website for membership levels and details!


An all-encompassing website that provides pictorial guides on how to fix things.  Members contribute new repair guides all the time; it’s definitely worth doing a quick search before you dive in to a challenging repair. iFixit has become a major advocate for contemporary right-to-repair legislative action.

This organization advocates for repair-friendly legislation on a state and federal level in the United States. Connect with them to find out how to help or support the right-to-repair cause.

This older ad-supported site has a huge amount of how-to guides for everything from electronics to doll and fishing reel repairs…  A go-to site for details on fixing almost anything.