Repair Fair #13 – Circle of Hope

Come join us at Circle of Hope in Fishtown for our 13th repair fair event! Bring anything broken and we will show you how to fix or mend it.

Repair Fair #11 – PlayArts in Fishtown

Join us for our 11th Repair Fair event. The public is welcome to bring anything broken (please enter at PlayArts’ rear door on North Lee Street). Our talented Fixers will be there to help teach repair and troubleshooting. Save your possessions from the landfill or replacement! PlayArts offers child-centered arts and play in a parent-friendly […]

Repair Fair #6 – Philly Fixers Guild

Philly Fixers Guild is having its sixth Repair Fair! Find us on Saturday, Sept 19th at the KCFC Retail Site, 2672 Coral St. Starts at 10AM and goes until 2PM.